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Hi folks,

I am new to the forum. I have a 2007 is250 prestige and I have started noticing squealing noise when I brake. During last service, the dealership said that the pads were not genuine (I just found out after owning the car for 1.5 years). The noise really gets to me and I have decided to upgrade the brake for the car.

I have read some posts about brake upgrade and I am sure that Brembo is pretty popular among the members but I have no doubt that it also costs $$$$ (full brembo kit). At the moment, I am considering the combination of:

DBA T2 slotted rotors for front (code is DBA2726S) and rear (DBA2727E)

EBC red stuffs pads

brembo caliper (I am after the red caliper partly for the aggressive look)

Can anyone recommend the model for the red brembo caliper that will suit this combination? Any thoughts on the combination? Has anyone he this combo fitted on their rides? Any suggestion on which brake lines I should get? Btw I have 18" wheels on if it makes ny difference. Car is not lowered yet - I am also after Eibach pro-kit spring. I am fairly new to the car mod scene - any guidance would be appreciated! Where's the best place to get these parts? I'm planning to call up burton or repco to ask for quotes. I am based in VIC.

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