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Correct Way Of Bleeding The Abs Unit

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Hello everyone

I don't know whether this has been posted before , but I wish to know the correct sequence of bleeding the ABS block , I have just put on a full set of pads and have bled the system and also flushed it through with Penrite 4 dot fluid and the brakes are still spongy , with no motor running the pedal is hard and and seems too be alright , but when the motor is running the pedal goes nearly to the floor , the car stops no problem and the brakes pull it up good but I suspect air in the ABS block , I saw somewhere about operating the brake ABS relay which operates the pump which allows you to bleed the ABS block , anybody done this , regards Murray

something similar to this video

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First of all, new brake pads need a certain time to set full in.

It could also be a bad master cylinder. (...that can happen by pushing the brake pedal to the metal whilst bleeding the system)

Otherwise, the Lexus service manual specifies using either the Lexus hand held
tester or ABS tester to properly bleed the brakes. It looks like you
need these tools to open each individual ABS port to properly bleed the
entire brake system......................................

No tools - try to activate ABS by hard braking whilst driving on gravel - the ABS block should bleed itself.

Manual bleeding procedure:

1 - Ignition off. Pump brake pedal more than 40 times or until the pedal
reaction force becomes heavy and stroke becomes shorter.

2 - Turn ignition on. Check that the boost pump stops after 30 - 40
seconds. When the pump does not stop, repeat step 1 and 2

3 - With the ignition remaining on, pump the brake pedal more than 20 times.

4 - Bleed the right and left front calipers.

5 - Holding the brake pedal depressed, bleed the right and left rear
calipers. You do not need to pump the brakes as fluid will continuously flow..

Good Luck...=;o)....

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