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75K Km / 60 Month Service - What To Expect

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Morning all,

Just booked my 2010 IS250 in for service at Sydney City Lexus. I bought the car second hand from the same dealership and the entire service history on this car has been performed by this dealership. The car is now due for its 60 month service (with less than 50K km's on the odometer).

I called up Lexus to confirm approx. pricing. For the 75K km service, the cost is $820, and they mentioned something about the fuel injection service. I've arranged for the car to be picked up in the morning and will be provided with a complimentary car.

A couple of questions:

  1. Lexus' customer service is generally top notch. Are there specific things I should look out for / request?
  2. I have aftermarket HID kits installed for my low beams and fogs. I assume they will not touch these?
  3. I will request they not wash the car, so as to prevent swirl marks and micro-marring.
  4. I have front and rear dash-cams - should I disable these as a matter of courtesy?
  5. Anything else I need to do to prepare the car for the service? E.g., I've heard that I should have the fuel tank filled-up half way. Is this correct?


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I think 75k included the fuel filter replacement so yeah fuel should be low.
If they request dashcams be turned off then yeah, but no harm in leaving them on. I left mine on and I requested they take care going up ramps and bumps. Dashcam showed they drove the car like a 4wd, scraping my exhausts and lip (not scl).
But you don't need to worry about anything else.

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