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Fuel Economy, Quality And Value For Money


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I received my Sports Luxury 200T last Thursday, the fuel economy is low 11's so far with 550K on the clock, the car is as good or better than expected.

It takes quite a while to learn all the different menus and sub menus.

Everyone that has seen it is amazed at the appointments and quality of the car, those that are saying that it is a glorified and over priced Rav 4, obviously have not driven both cars, I compared the Rav4, Mazda CX5, Ausi Q5 and BMW X3, the first 2 come a long way down the line, the Germans may have the name but none of the refinement that the NX has, my daughter bought a Q5 and was extremely happy with it for 6 months, until last week, she's sorry that she didn't wait, my wife drives a current BMW 328i, she also wants to swap it for mine, the only issue, if you can call it an issue is the fuel consumption as I get between 8 and 9l/100 in the BMW and 11's in the Lexus, other than that, it is a better car than the others.

BTW, I got mine from outside Sydney as the Sydney Dealers wouldn't negotiate below 80K, I got mine for much less, contact me if you are looking at getting a new Lexus as I befriended the sales manager.



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