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Hey everyone I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this topic has already been covered, I bought a is250 f sport on 75,000ks and I have had it for a year, recently I noticed a pop up on my screen saying engine oil contact this dealer for maintenance, now iv only done 7,000 ks in the last year and when I go to setup>vehicle >maintenance>engine oil on the screen it says distance: 15,000km remaining: 8123km, very confused, I know the next service is the major 90,000km but I havnt done nowhere near that, should I get the car serviced anyway cause it's been a year or should I just get the engine oil renewed even though it says remaining 8123km, I have been quoted by Lexus of chatswood service department $970 for the 90,000km major service, if this price is too much if someone could advice me to a another service department would be much appreciated, thanks. P.S purchased the car from Lexus of Brighton in Melbourne, living in Sydney.




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I spoke to someone from lexus parramatta and they told me the same thing either 1 year or 15km whichever comes first, getting it serviced this week, yeah most probably be another year till I hit the 90km mark, thanks for your advice!

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Yep, normally which ever comes first you get it done. Most people don't drive the KM's listed in the logbook so the KM's written in look wack lol. Me, being anal about my cars i service it every 5,000 to 7,500kms even if it's not needed but there's no harm. I grew up getting it done every 5000 kms so just a habit of mine now to get it done, leaving it for a year or 15,000kms makes my heart beat lol!

I take my car to a local mechanic though who can do the job, Lexus charges an arm and a leg to do a major let alone a major!

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