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Hey guys I have a 2010 is250 f sport in pearl white, I wanted to get the 2013 model ISF wheels I Beleive they are bbs re-v, if anyone knows where I can get originals or replicas would be much appreciated thanks

P.s from Sydney



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The IS-F rims are about 8K each new (the old ones were when I asked for a replacement quote). I think I saw replicas on ebay for around 1K... Which also explains why I was getting queries on the rims only when I was selling my 08 IS-F. They are waay too expensive.

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8k each!! Way out of my budget, I always see is250 models with the older 08 ISF replica rims, if I can find 2013 ISF replicas would be good, never seen is250 with those rims on it, I like to be unique 😌😜

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I'm sure you like saving at least $7k a rim more than the Lexus icon....haha :)

Don't think you have a choice as there's no copies I'm aware for the later model ISF rims. I could be wrong though.

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Lmao insane how much they are man, do you know anywhere where I can get the 08 model ISF replicas? And do they come in a black colour? I don't think they do though

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Get them form the US:


The originals are expensive because they wanted the first IS-F to be special in every way so they made the rims out of a special magnesium compound. Which is why I got the old rims on my new car as well.

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I come across these set of rims randomly, looks similar to the 13 model ISF rims and in the colour I want, just not sure if buying online from different country is the way to go, I have looked everywhere for similar wheels and the closest I found was bbs rc from jax tyres which are $3450! Here's the link tell me what you guys think http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/171675896398?nav=SEARCH

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