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Ucf11. Please Help Me Find My Air Line!

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Hi Guys, Greetings from the rainy gold coast.

Last night when I tried to go to the gym, my front suspension failed to fill with air, I could hear a hissing sound from the back and I knew that one of my air lines had popped off the valve.

So I go into the boot, remove the covering and expose the air tank and valve.

Picture of the valve with missing line:


So you can see it's blown off and blown the little silver clamp that holds it in place.

Only problem is for the life of me I can't find where this line has gone! It must of disappeared down some hole. I can chase back the other leads to their homes but it gives me no clue as to where number 4 has gone.


Also I misslabled where the 1st line goes to, it should be further down.

Does anyone have any experience with air lines? Can you please lend a hand?

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