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How Do I Know If An Is 250 Has The Mark Levinson Sound System?

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I am looking at several 2008 model IS250's and I am finding it difficult on Carsales to identify which does and doesn't have the upgraded stereo.

I understand that the Sport Luxury has it and I was told today that cars built up until early 2008 also should have that systems and that I can identify these (older) models by the position of the front blinker. Blinker on the side panel is the older model. Blinker on the side view mirror is the newer model.

I then asked does this also apply to cars without Satnav also (old style stereo) and he wasn't sure and believed that it probably didn't. He thought that the Mark Levinson sound system was only coupled with the sat nav, but again he wasn't sure.

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance

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I have an 07 IS250 X and I was considering a Prestige without the ML, and I did notice a difference particularly in the bass. I have since disconnected the stock sub and put in an amped Rockford Fosgate so it probably be similar now.

Just make sure you get the nav and camera. As small a feature as it may be, the car feels far less luxurious without it.

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