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Buying My First Is200

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Hey guys, First post in the forum so apologies if posted in wrong section -

First of all its great to be a part of the lexus side of things now.... this is coming from someone who moved on from BMW too!

I will be picking up my first IS200 this Sunday and was wondering beforehand if there is any areas or websites around Victoria, Melbourne that specializes in selling used parts etc just in case for the future that I can find parts quickly since BMW use to charge an arm and a leg and 3rd party suppliers were hard to come by.

Also, it's a Limited Caliente model, (if that makes a difference) was wondering what the difference between the normal and caliente models are?

Thanks :)

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Caliente was a limited run in red, which wasn't part of the normal colour range. Also came with the 11 spoke wheels in place of the stock 5 spoke 17' (or the forgettable multi-spoke 16' on the base IS200's) and a plastic kit. No improved performance, just a dress kit.

Imlachs wreckers near Dandenong generally have a few IS200's in stock, Jolly's have them sporadically. I wouldn't buy anything from Toyoparts or the like, as the 1IS is now at an age that you won't need to pay a premium for parts...

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