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Hello From Sydney! Gs300 2jz Gte


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Hello peeps

Long time lurker but actually decided to join.

My name is Antonio, I am currently in the final stages of a JZS161 conversion on my GS300. Yes, 2jz gte vvti.....twin turbo.

Just seeing what my fellow Lexus members think of my beast. Basically, I hate small cars. I need a big 4 door sedan. I owned a is200... but with so many of them around I ended up giving it to my missus and picking up a nice gs300 for myself.

My intentions were to keep it standard. Too and from work. In comfort. And economically...... Never mind scrap all that *BLEEP*. I sourced a 2jz gte from a j aristo. That's where it all began.

After a few months of gathering parts, I started the swap. Now the car is sitting at my shop waiting for my fabricator to are turn from his holidays (Friday) so he can finish the exhibit and cooler piping.

Currently the car is running standard twins with just an FCD, SLD and an AVCR boost controller.

The car will remain on stock twins until I can convince the mrs that I really need a big single Bw s366 haha.

Anyway, I will post some photos shortly. I really hope to meet some of you boys/girls soon!


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