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Just Joined The Club! [is200]


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Hey people of LOC!

I recently just purchased a bone stock IS200 Sports, 2003 model, and decided to do a bit of research on this car! I've never really been a huge car enthusiast but lately I've gotten quite attached to it and figured joining a forum would further my knowledge and experience in cars.

I am still a university student, and my hobby is photography.

That being said maybe I'll post some photos up of my car! Again everything is bone stock and I'm looking for advice on small upgrades (as funds aren't in abundance for me). Specifically external (aesthetic) mods like chucking a lip or changing the bumpers, and small performance mods -- as I understand the 1G-FE is fairly weak and won't benefit from many performance mods without an engine swap.

I hear it's a bit quiet on these forums but hopefully I'll still gain something out of it. If there are any other "clubs" for NSW, Australia, please let me know!


EDIT: I should note this is my first car! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Susan,

I get my Lexus serviced at New Lambton Service Centre, 247 Lambton Rd New Lambton ph.49528699. Michael does quite a few Lexus and uses the right oils and filters and heaps cheaper than Lexus Service centre at Broameadow.

Hope this helps.

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