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Hi everyone

I am currently in the market for a 2nd hand lexus IS250. There are two that I like, and I will outline the differences below:

2006 Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury ( I believe this is the highest grade? Prestige being the base, Sports in the middle and Sports Luxury highest?) 45000 KM ( So low for its age)


2010 Lexus IS250 Prestige 60000 KM

So pretty much as you can see, they are roughly the same. Price wise roughly the same also. However, one is almost 10 years old while the other is only 6 years old. So, which should it be? Is the 2006 one ok as long as it is in good condition?

Thanks for reading all, have a safe day

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i personally would get the 2010 since you get the body updates

Thanks for the reply.

However is it that much of a difference? I mean based on my research they both still fall under the 2nd generation category. Plus, is it enough to justify buying the 2010 over the highest grade (sports luxury) 2006?

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It all depends on how much you value the extra features the 2006 SL model will have. The prestige 2010 will not come with vented seats, acc, pcs, seat memory, mark levinson, rear sunshade. The Mark Levinson, and vented seats is seriously a must for me (my opinion). The only thing the 2010 will have over the 2006 is the USB port and that it will be a younger car. The 2006 shape to be honest looks better than the 2009/2010 unless you're talking about the 2010 my11 build. Like I said, in the end it's what you value more and want more in a car. To be honest you'll get more car from the SL at the same price.

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Its the options that matter

At the end of the day its up to you

Do u want a newer car?

Or do u want a older car with aloyore options

If the 2009 or 2010 come with mo nav dont even bother

U want the nav (emv) equipped car thats the main option everyone wants

Other than that going to sports luxury u get sensors hid

Afs radar cruise etc but that all can be retro fitted into the car anyways in a newer model

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Thanks so much for the thorough replies people, appreciate it.

First of all, what is vented seats? Is this simply the same as heated seats or ventilated meaning something like aircon for summer days? Because Im pretty sure the prestige does have heated seats, not sure about ventilated (air con) seats.

Second, what is radar cruise and sensor hid?

Third, just wondering if anyone knows a summary/highlight of the differences, extra features in 2006 that are not available in 2010

Thanks again heaps everyone!

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Get the 2006 model, more options and better speakers as well...

lower km's is a plus

Thank you friend for the advice, the only thing stopping me is....is it really ok, buying a car that is about 10 years old?

It's a Lexus. Not a BMW, it'll be alright lol.

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LS5 - I have spent months pouring over the spec and equipment differences between the various Model variants and years, with particular focus on the price differences for different ages and models. If you are buying it on Carsales, be aware that many sellers have no clue what the vehicle is worth and simply base their asking price on other sellers who have no clue what their vehicle is worth. The well priced ones go fast and the incorrectly priced ones hang around and confuse the issue.

The age of the vehicle matters in terms of its ongoing 'value' for resale and the inevitable deterioration of the plastic/rubber/other elements of build materials over time.

You need to compare the differences in equipment/features between the 2006 & 2010 and decide what is important to you - wheels/tyres is an obvious one.

I have a problem with paying a lot of money for a 10yo car, so a 2006 vehicle would need to be really well priced for me to consider it. A lot of stuff wears out over 10 years.

Good Luck

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Everyone here has given you their opinion for your question but in the end it's up to you. Like the above posts, in the 2010 prestige you will not get; Parking Sensors (Front and Rear), High Intensity Discharge lights (HID), Mark Levinson, Active Cruise Control (Uses infrared to maintain distance between car in front of you during cruise control), Pre Collision System (Saves you when you're about to die), Rear Sunshade (Moves up and down to block the sun through the rear windshield), Seat Memory (Saves your seat position for easy reaccess), Ventilated front seats (aircon seats that keep you cool during Australian heatwaves), Some prestiges might not even comes with the moonroof option.

What you'll get over the 2006 by getting the 2010 is; updated nav (if it even has the nav option) and a usb port, and a newer car.

In my honest opinion I would get the Sports Luxury of any variant over a base model. Especially since the kms are similar and with the base you get virtually next to nothing featurea over an optioned car. Sure it is 10 years old but it's a Toyota and they dominate the market in terms of reliability. If something does break you have alot of places to source parts. I know that Lexmania especially has most things and can replace them for you. In the end the question is, do you want more options or do you want a largely less optioned 4 year younger car. Reliability is not an issue if the car has been taken car of.

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