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Hi I've just been offered to buy an IS250 F-Sport (2nd gen) from a friend. I'm not that familiar with the Lexus second-hand market so your feedback is appreciated.

* F-Sport model with Mark Levinson system

* Built in 2012 and was registered in 2013

* Has sunroof, sat-nav

* 1-owner

* Less that 25,000 kms

* Asking price: $38k

Do you guys think this is reasonable price? I have inspected the car and looks pristine condition.

Also would this be a MY11 or MY13 model? Is there any difference?

UPDATE (26/10):

I decided to bite the bullet after negotiating further. Very happy with the purchase. Also found out its MY11 model.

I wouldn't mind a slightly deeper and racier exhaust note, but nothing over the top. I've seen people talking about the F-Sport intake and exhaust accessories, but not sure if I would need both. Just focused on the sound for now. What upgrades would you guys suggest I look into and how should I go about it?

P.S. Would also like to keep my car warranty if possible.

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Built 2012 registered in 2013 it may be a my13. it has bt audio stream over the my11. You can look for the 3 buttons under the dvd player instead of the my11 4 button.
Or check the vin etc.

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Bump. Have updated the original post. Any pointers would help with regard to improving the exhaust sound. Thanks.

Still a newbie to modding (be nice :) )

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Hi Danny. I actually spoke to you this morning regarding exhaust upgrade. Thanks for the input.

What I'm trying to determine is difference in loudness/drone/performance gains between the following configurations; but mainly which configurations would have minimal drone?

Do you have a view on this?

1. Invidia Midpipe + stock exhaust

2a. Invidia Midpipe + Invidia Q300 Axleback

2b. Invidia Midpipe + Greddy Axleback

3a. Invidia Q300 Axleback only

3b. Greddy Axleback only

(I've excluded Joe Z and X-Force system as I'm under the impression they are 'loud' for daily driving, from posts/videos I've been viewing)

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the axle back systems will give you some sort of note

but can be droney

if your just after abit of noise

try the Mid pipe only option or axle back only option

greddy axle back only

you can hear paird with a mid pipe its much louder

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From the looks of it the Invidia midpipe will remove the secondary cats. Is that right?

I prefer to avoid messing with emissions of the car. In that case it sounds like axle back upgrade would be the lesser evil, however costs more and would be more cosmetic/sound enhancement.

Am I making sense?

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