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Is250 Sat Nav Problems, Especially With 2006?

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Yep, happened to mine. Was a result of the digitiser connections cracking due to old age. Had to pull it apart and resolder the connections but all up repair cost me $30 and 3 hours of my time.

You can also just buy a new screen/digitiser on ebay for around $120. Still pull it all apart but instead of repairing your old one, you're replacing it. Easily manageable.

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Damn this is making me worried!

Hopefully the place where I but it, they offer a warranty or something.

Yes I can buy a touchscreen or so on Ebay...but installing it is a different story. I have no idea what to do/how to install it, and most likely will need someone to replace it for me.

Hopefully the lexus I am planning to buy wont have this problem to begin with...

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You're in Victoria. If it happens, reach out and one of us will be able to help. Seriously once you've done it once it takes half as long the next time. Don't sweat it :)

Hahah...thanks a lot friend, means a lot. Hopefully it wont ever happen to me, but if, if it does, glad to know I can ask for some assistance.

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Yeah I fixed mine as above but it must have got roasted at WTAC and melted the solder... again, so now the very bottom of the screen is unresponsive.

(of course thats where that stupid I'm a dumb american click ok button is) No NAV LIFE AGAIN

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Sorry Martin I only saw this now.

Mine needs a refix so I can do yours at the sametime.

Anyone in sydney want to give me a hand or any suggestions? my screen's also not responding, definitely is the messed up connections as the side buttons are still working. :)

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