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Hi everyone, finally bite the bullet and bought a IS200T Fsport today, mercury grey with black interior with 10km on the odometer.

very happy now, can't wait to finish work and drive it home :) it is a shame, Adelaide is raining today.

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very nice car. a lot of options are included compare to other brands where will cost extra.

very quiet cabin, you notice more road/wind noise compare to engine noise, this stands correct even when you hard accelerate, so some people may not feel the satisfaction. to me, it suits my style of driving, a more relax, refined experiences.

little things like when you approach the car, whole cabin lights turn on for a welcome message is a nice touch especially at night time.

however i wish lexus do something about their informat screen. it is dated and requires a new design.

the clock is nice, but a smart LED screen like a smart watch where you can select your clock interface would be better.

left foot resting area is slightly restricting, so i have to pull my left leg a bit further back.

seats are less comfortable compare to Rx, maybe due to sport seating.

things i like:

good acceleration

good balance in normal or eco drive mode in city driving environment

heat and especially cooling seats are a nice feature

mark levison sound is excellent with CD collections

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haha, adelaide had rain on the day i picked up my car, so it is kinda covered with little dots, will give it a good clean on the weekend, so no photos atm.

you are welcome to go to your local dealer and have a look in person. the design has not changed since 3IS.

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