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Dash Cluster On Celsior/ls400

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Hey guys i just baught my celsior and having cluster issues i have got a new fully working clust but no fuel guage or speedo. I replaced my fuel float and still not workin and also checked speedo sensor and that is functional. Im lost and really need at least my fuel guage workin again. I have a hud for speedo so not fussed on that. Please help 😆

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Hello Scozzy,

LS400/Celsior speedo will often simply stick on the 0km/h peg...sharp tap to the instrument binnacle will dislodge. I have replaced the fuel pump and sender unit in my 1995 LS400... It's important to check that the appropriate pin on the ECU is getting correct voltage. You can simply google to find which pin and which colour wire is the appropriate connector. Use carbon grease on the connectors in the fuel tank to ensure proper connection.If you have the instrument binnacle removed you can meter incoming voltage at the gauge itself. The same can be done with the speedo but VSS sends voltages will vary with speed, naturally. Good luck!

I continually scan this forum


Sydney and Wollombi (Hunter Valley)

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