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2007 Is Tighten Rear View Mirror

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My mirror is just the standard mirror with nothing fancy (not the auto dimming one), and what I have done is I've added a clip-on dash cam/mirror unit (HP f720 if anyone's interested).

The problem is that it weighs a bit, and on really hot days, the whole mirror and clip on unit droops when I hit a bump (JUST not enough static friction to keep it in place).

Is there any way to tighten the coupling between the stock mirror and ball joint? I saw a video for a 2009 model (with the auto dimming mirror) and looks like you can dismantle the mirror face from the rest of the housing and access a hex bolt, but my stock mirror is different and doesn't look like it could be dismantled the same way.

Anyone have any ideas?

Much obliged.

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