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Gs-F First Impressions Test Drive.


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Well I thought I might just share my thoughts on he new GS-F which I was fortunate enough to drive for a while this morning.

First of all I wasn't expecting it to be a ballerina based on the RC-F given that this beast is even heavier and I am not easily impressed these days either.

I am not a big fan of the looks either. So with these out of the way when I first saw the white GS-F with the dark rims and carbon fiber bits I thought hmm this is not so bad in fact its growing on me and it looks much better than on photos.

I stayed outside while the sales gent fired up the engine and what glorious noise it was a proper track tuned V8 bark similar to the IS-F but more aggressive. Tick there.

Settled in the driver seat funnily I did not feel the same level of comfort I did in the RC-F but still it was more then good enough maybe that was due to the huge interior, the interior is of very high quality however I thought the plain plastic center console and door trim coverings were of low quality and odd for the this level of equipment I would definitely opt for the carbon coverings. Everything was very plush and sporty it was a great place to be in. The huuuge infotainment screen was a big plus very easy to read in conjunction with the head up display it just makes life easier especially on the track and in heavy traffic.

The exhaust note just sounds glorious especially in Sport+ mode everything firms up and the noise gets a tiny bit amplified via the speakers but it is very enjoyable and does not sound fake at any stage because it isn't they simply cancelled out some of the "bad" noise. However to me it was disappointing a little that unlike in the IS-F it is not coming from the engine it is purely exhaust noise but still very addictive.

So I put my foot down firmly and this is the biggie it did not feel any faster than my IS-F ( it has headers) until about 4000RPM but then it really gets going so in spite of that this beast really needs a race track to shine but it will do great on one I suspect and that is mainly down to the ride quality, this is where it really stands out and it took me by surprise. It is tuned so well that I can only compare the cornering and traction to the Jaguar F-Type V8 I recently driven yes it is that good. It is definitely ahead of the RC-F.

When you corner hard it is flat and does not kill the throttle to keep you on the road it does its magic so well that you can nearly have your foot buried into the floor around corners, I felt when it was about to let go but the diff and the gizmos kept it very nice and tight without compromising drive quality. For this alone I did not feel the need for more power it has what it needs and it is usable power which is what matters. It could do with about 50-100nm more torque but then it would be near perfect. Put into normal or eco mode in heavy traffic and its jut as relaxing as any GS.

I did not look forward to this car but one test drive changed my view completely.Its a winner despite the lack of power in my books.

I am now considering an upgrade.

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very good andrew

the GS is a great car

i love my gs over the my IS and over the RC

all it needed was a good power hike to match the well balanced chassis

but yes it it underpowered in its class but its still a good effort and a good sign of future F's to come

still not liking the taillights though

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Hey Danny,

I think its a completely different car to the base GS even the chassis is much improved.

Yeah looks are an acquired taste but it does grow on you.

I'd take it over the RC-F in a heartbeat. (I am still secretly hoping they will announce the new IS-F)

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I want one so bad that i get a little chest ache thinking about it.. But i will have to wait and buy one off you millionaires when you have had it for 3 years and 75km haha!

Actually i will find a rich old mans, whose hasnt been tracked like yours will be haha!

The ISF will do for a year or two, just need to find some second hand headers..


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Was speaking to a couple of guys at Lexus when i got my F serviced recently and i commented on the very average reviews of the RCF and mentioned the GSF, one guy said he wouldnt be surprised if Lexus had made some revisions to the 2UR in the GSF as it felt noticeably quicker than the RCF!

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