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Does anyone know how to disable the "idiotic" door chime that wont allow you to use accessories and door open etc

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The one that just bings and bings and bings ad nauseum when you open driver door with either accessories on or when you have turned off motor in your garage with door open. (Probably beep, beep, beep--it just keeps chiming)

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Sure here it was I used.



1. Press the START button twice (without foot brake) to power up the system


2. Press the trip reset button couple of times until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B)


3. Turn off the system again by pressing START again


4. Unbuckle the driver's seatbelt


5. Turn on the system again (press the START button twice without foot brake)


6. When the dash lights come on, press and hold the trip reset button for about 10-15 seconds (possibly longer if it doesn't work first time)


7. While still holding the trip reset button, buckle the driver's side seatbelt


8. The odometer display should read "b ON" or "b OFF" (toggle this with the trip reset button)


9. Process should be completed when you unbuckle or turn the system off


The setting is retained until changed again (by simply repeating the process).

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Hi RotorRian

I've had a few attempts but so far unsuccessful. Couple of questions please.

In step 4 you say unbuckle seatbelt. Is there a specific point where the belt should be buckled up in 1st place?

I have held the trip reset button for an awful long time BUT it never seems to change.

If it works then I should see the message "b ON" or , hopefully "b OFF" in the odo display somewhere? 

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