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Just thought I would start this thrrad becuase this has been bugging me for quite sometime now.

I have the original 05 is250 sport luxury and I just love the lines on it, so elegant with everything in the right proportions.

Eventually, when I am no longer poor lol, I plan to upgrade to an is350, mainly for the brakes and motor.

One thing I have noticed is that I can only seem to find models from 2010 onwards.

Are there any is350 available in Australia with the older lights without drls and the halogen fog lamps. I swear I saw ONE in black identical to mine but a 350.

Is there any way of getting an older shaped 350 in Australia?

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The shape of the older bumpers with the halogen fog lights just looks much more compact and elegant compared to the newer design, I also like the older lights without the DRLs, although they would be easy to disable, I wouldn't feel comfortable because of the chance of insurance claims being refused! I also like the original 18s that came on the older models. It is such a shame that Australia always makes it so difficult to own a Japanese car. Hopefully that will change now that Holden and Ford are gone.





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