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Hi have a IS 350 2013 F sport & recently just, touched a wall, (not hard at all) only just cracked the grill, but have gotten this "pop up hood failure" msg on the dash.

Anyone in the know how to clear this msg from my dash ?

Was hoping didnt have to take it to a dealer if it was something that can be cleared easily ?


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You can't just clear it. You need to call a dealer and book it in.

This is a new feature that most mechanics wouldn't know where to start with.


The pop up bonnet, a pedestrian safety feature, has been activated from your frontal collision.

If the small pyrotechnical devices under the bonnet have been activated, which go off in a front impact, then they may need replacing. Along with the grill that you've broken.


Does your car have parking sensors?


Really hate it when a wall just jumps out in front of you. :)


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