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New ISF owner

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hi all, 

ive been on and off this forums for the last 6 months and now i decided to intro myself.

i recently just got a SFP 2010 with 65k. WOW i love this car. i have always loved Lexus's as my previous car was a 2008 IS250 which i sold thinking that a BMW 335i 2007 will be a good change and sadly my opinion it wasn't. It lack the luxury feel  and the quality of materials was not up to my standard. sorry if i offend any BM owners. Before all this 03 RX8 and 94 BMW 318.

So i went back to Lexus and this time an upgrade to the monster V8 F and since then never looked back, im going keep this baby! 



The Beast image1.JPG.7df81e98c563a1dc94a2757664eed

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Welcome back!!

ive got a 2010 - people say that the ride is a little rough but it's a performance car and is actually better than many exotics I've been in.

enjoy it man.

should get another ISF meet happening soon!

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