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Aftermarket Head Unit fitting into IS200 - 2005 model

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Hey guys,

I have bought a new pioneer AVH3700 headunit which i am currently installing however i am having issues.

I bought a wiring harness that is supposably made for lexus is200 however the wiring harness has two outputs on each end. However my car only has one output for the headunit ? Does anybody know the awnser to this ?

Also the headunit has a park brake wire that needs to be connected. Does anybody know where i can connect this wire ?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Ok depends what you mean by outputs. Could be reverse cam, amplifier rca , video output etc

park brake cable is designed to by spliced into hand brake switch. It's there so that headunit won't play videos until handbrake is up. A lot of people just simply earth it so it works all the time

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To do this the easiest way, what you will require are two harnesses. You will firstly need the AMP bypass harness found here https://aerpro.com/app0260

Which will convert to the double ISO connectors. Then you will require a harness for the head unit side found here https://aerpro.com/products/secondary_harnesses

Try match up the plug type into the back of your head unit by the pictures. One other thing that catches others out is that the Amplified antenna will now not have power as it has been bypassed too. Just tap the thin black wire that runs with the antenna cable with a white plug into ACC or if your unit has it, the power antenna wire.

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