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Drivers Door Lock/Actuator Failed (Again) - Replacement Part Options?

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Hi Folks,


My IS250SL (2008) drivers door lock/actuator has failed again (this is the third time for the front door alone), and Lexus are not interested in replacing the unit under warranty ... actually, all of my doors locks failed, one-by-one in a clockwise pattern, starting with the drivers door ... its been the only consistently unreliable part in the car.  I ended up paying for some of these replacements as they started failing towards the end of my warranty.


Lexus has quoted me $600 to replace the part - what a bargain :(  I'm not at all impressed, having had the car always serviced by Lexus, they show little interest in fixing anything post-warranty.


As they won't honour any warranty, it looks like I may as well take a look at sourcing either a 2nd hand part, or having a new one sent from overseas.  Has anyone had experience with sourcing these..? I did a quick search, and there's only one prior post but no real discussion :)  I found one on e-Bay (from a wrecker - $120), so that's an option ... but maybe there are other better options..?


It looks to me that I can replace the door lock/actuator fairly easily - I've already installed the folding mirror option so I'm familiar with the fun of getting the door panel off ... and I'd guess that the actuator just plugs in.  So I'd have a crack at it myself ...


Anyway, I'm interested in the experience of others and what folks advise ... $600 seems poor value when I'm only going to get a 1-year warranty and they appear to fail within 4 years anyway!

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