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Spotting the LSD DIFF-erences for ISF


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Hey all, I am on the search for an MY10 onward "pumpkin" or complete diff for my 09 ISF. I am sick of the single spinning, its doing my head in.. One of the reasons i bought this car was to get sideways and have some fun when safe (on the track etc of course, or in Mexico where everything is legal).

I found what a wrecker is calling an LSD diff for the car, but the problem is that the DIFF came from a 2009 compliance (2008 build) ISF. Which obviously comes with the non LSD. There doesn't seem to be any way (without cracking the back of the diff, which he wont do) to check if it actually is an LSD with the Torsen diff centre. Which under no load acts like a single spinner non LSD (as told by Chris from Chatswood, who know far better than me).

Does anyone know any magical way to check, barring putting it into the car and trying it? I am so torn, price is good, but its in a different state and seems too risky..

Thanks in advance

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2008 build 2009 is non LSD

LSD ISF came out from late 2009 (MY10)

the code should be a01b (b stands for LSD) for a LSD rear diff

the 2009 should be A01A (A is for Open diff) which is a non LSD car

see if you can track down the built plate of the car and check the trans/axle code

i dunno wat you think is a good price

but last time i saw a 2010 LSD unit go for was 2.7K with all the rear cradles


as for physically testing

get a mate to hold the other end of the shafts and give it load by trying to stop it from spinning

if it free spins it should be non LSD

if it struggles and tries to twist your mates arm whos holding it

its a LSD

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Thanks Danny, Ill attach some snaps of the diff, there doesn't seem to be any markings on the diff. I agree, the only way this could have an LSD is if he has retrofitted it himself. Which is why im so hesitant to buy, because the odds of that are very low...

The wrecker said he did the similar test as your have said above, and that he thinks "its 100% LSD", but id rather crack the back cover and actually see. I would put new oil in anyway, so all good. But he wont open it.

Mine 1.JPG

Mine 2.JPG

Mine 3.JPG

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on the side it should have a built date with all along with a barcode get him to send a pic of the built date and code

also a chassis number too

i can search if it is a LSD equipped car or not

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Unfortunately the build date sticker etc is missing, so nothing external on the case. I had the VIN which i got Chris from Chatswood to look up, and it was a 08 build and 09 rego. Definitely no LSD from factory.

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On 4/25/2016 at 1:58 PM, ISFBloke said:

It could be a part of my old stolen 08...

Hello ISFBLOKE just interested on how the lowlifes stole your car cheers. 

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