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ISF Brake "clunk"


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Hi guys,

Some time ago i replaced all 4 rotors with the 2-piece items from Racing Brakes (ordered through FIGS http://www.shopfigs.com/v1/index.php?route=product/product&path=43&product_id=125).

I also got a set of Carbotech 1521 pads on their recommendation.

Everything went on just fine and they perform fantastic, however pretty much ever since they went on there has been a clunk probably 90% of the time when i touch the breaks. You can hear it and feel it through your ass and in the pedal. i am certainly guessing it is the brakes. I have pulled them off and checked everything, and even had Lexus check it all out during a regular service but no luck. They could feel and hear the issue when driving but basically told me they couldn't do anything about it and that it was an "issue with your fancy aftermarket brakes". I have checked and rechecked all bolts, pins, springs and so on and everything looks rock solid.

The only thing i have noticed is that i can move the pads with my finger and when they hit on the caliper/retaining-pin, it "kinda" sounds like the noise i hear in the car when driving, but its impossible to really say sitting still.

I made a little video of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXJ_eIrKFzs (sorry pretty crappy - the clunking starts about 30secs in) which i sent to FIGS seeing if they could help but again no luck. Is this movement normal compared to standard pads?

So i am wondering if anybody has experienced anything like this before or has any tips? I still have my original rotors which i can swap back to as a test, but i no longer have the standard pads, and to buy a new set just to test is an expensive exercise. Anybody got some old OEM's lying around that i could borrow for a few days? :)

Looking for any tips or advice!

Appreciate it.

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