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2012 IS350 Front brake pads and rotors

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Hi Guys,


im due for front brakes on the IS350 and have been quoted $950 by lexus of chatswood which i think is absolute madness, can anyone tell me what after market options they are using? This is a family car so i dont need a performance pad, something that is the same as OEM spec and low dust would be great.

Also are the front rotors machinable? the current front rotors have about 80k on them and there is a decent lip on them, if they are machinable does anyone know what the minimum thickness for the front rotors are before then need replacing?




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Did the quote they give you include parts and labour or just parts?

To give you an idea, the last time I did my front brakes:

EBC Redstuff front pads: $165

RDA Rotors: ~$160? Can't remember exactly but was in that ball park.

I fitted them myself so can't give you an idea of labour costs

Admittedly they are for an IS250 but I don't think there is that much price difference between the 250 and 350 pads. Rotors may be a bit more expensive for the 350.

I've also used Resma and Bendix Ultimate pads. The Resma pads are quite cheap (maybe around $100 or $120 for the fronts) but I found that they were quite dusty. Bendix Ultimate are dusty as well and not that cheap from memory.


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Check Ebay for rotor and pad price there is nothing special about the brakes (not like a ISF) any mechanic can do them 1to2 hours max $950 is a rip off. Ps I am a mechanic.

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Thanks guys.


Danny i have tried to call you via the number you have listed on lexmania and left a VM, can you gi ve me a call back?

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