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Hi all, recently picked up a late 2010 build IS350 F sport. I have had quite a few RWD cars before so the problem im facing im certain isnt "normal"

Basically, the steering will pull\jerk quite fiercely from time to time, almost like those arcade machine games where the steering would to give a more realistic feel. This has caused me to be extra careful when driving as when it does jerk the steering wheel, if im not prepared, the car would quite easily go into the next lane. None of my previous rwd cars have done this. Im putting it down to the electronic steering

i did a quick google search and the only thread i could find with this issue is below, which describes exactly the issue i am facing:


A user claims to have found the issue to the problem, but didnt post any follow up statements:

" I finally found out what is causing this feeling of my steering being in a 'rut' and having to over compensate the steering. I went to the dealer because I could not take it anymore and the lead engineer came to listen to my issue with the car and immediately he knew that it was the Power steering gear assembly. I have a GS 350 2009 and the engineer said that this is a known issue and they have seen this on many IS models. So for everyone, like me, that thought it was the road, misalignment, low tire pressure, low profile tires, IT'S NOT!!! It is a known issue that requires a replacement part (on my car), part # 44200-30880. Hope this helps!!!

I am interested to see if anyone on this forum has come across the problem i have?


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just an update to this, i got new front tyres and the problem has all but gone. the last mechanic must have put them on some insane way to make the car behave like that!

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