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Ready to buy a RX270 - anyone with previous experience?

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Hi all,

I'm in NSW. I've just test drove a demo RX270 2015 standard model last weekend and it felt great. The interior looks great and got plenty of room. The dealer's price is reasonable for the car which have done less than 10,000km. 

I have never owned a Lexus before and I usually do a lot of research before getting a new car. So far I've seen issues on wind noise at high speed (on previous gen RX350), side engine oil leaks, and Sat Nav issues with no overwriting function (apparently across the range), but could not find any complaints for the RX270 post-2012 model.

So I wanted to ask if anyone got any comments regarding the RX270 and if they had these issues, or any others. As a note, power and speed isn't on top of my list, so I'm not looking at the RX350. I have a baby boy coming on the way and want a safe and reliable car for the next 5+ years. 

Any comment is appreciated! =)

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Hi Lanster

I can't comment about the RX270 as i have never owned one, but if you are concerned with reliability in the future i suggest you talk with the dealer about

extending the warranty, if the vehicle is still within the standard warranty period then i think it is possible to purchase extra warranty, this could be something that you could negotiate into the dealor just purchase it for piece of mind...

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RX270 std, I just bought month ago, was second hand, 2014 model with under 14K kms.

As you know, 2.7 Lt engine will be for sure bit underpower, but not that thirsty compare to 6 cylinder Engine.

Another point is I don't like Nav system on Lexus, looks bit sluggish and classic.

All the rest are all beyond my expectation so far. Very happy with the purchase.


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Prior to purchasing my current 2011 Lexus RX350 I did look at an RX270 and took it for a drive.  While it is quite torquey / nippy at low speeds I found the engine to be a bit lack luster when on the freeway.  Accelerating with just me in the car from 100 - 110/115 felt slow and you could "hear" the engine revving out to get up to speed quick.  Fuel economy would be much better than the RX350 no doubt but given I do some country drives I need the power of a 6 to make me comfortable overtaking or getting up to speed quickly.  If the RX270 is just going to be city life without country runs overtaking long trucks etc, it would fit perfectly.  

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