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I've managed to get in contact with a guy regarding some Aluminum Subframe Braces.

Basically these will replace your stock ones and strengthen the joints between the subframe and the chassis resulting in less flex.

Apparently improves overall handling and balance in the rear during cornering.



He won't make any until I manage to find at least 3 people interested.

Price will probably be around $150 USD for the set and an extra $25 per billet to get them painted in blue (for anyone interested)

Currently asking for better group buy prices and shipping to Australia.


Also have a source for some Spoon Sports Rigid Collars for the Lexus IS250/350 ISF

These are pretty much sleeves around your bolts and subframe connections into the chassis eliminating unwanted chassis movement and improves overall dynamics and handling of the car.

Also eliminates road noise, corrects steering, less tire wear.


This is a link to speedhunter's GT-R

This is a link on how Rigid Collars pretty much work

If you frequent the tracks this is definitely the mod for you

If you just daily your car, this is also a mod for you

If you daily your car and hoon on the occasional mountain pass, this is also a mod for you.

Price is $600 AUD shipped for individual orders but I've contacted Gaijin Garage in WA and they're willing to set us up with a group buy if I have enough interests.

PM me or post below if you're interested and I'll try start something up.

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