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Hi there

Thought I'd join the Forum & let people know of my Lexus experience. Took delivery of the NX200t 2 weeks ago & enjoy driving it everyday to work. 1st Lexus & is quite a step up from a Honda.

Buying experience was the best I've experienced & had to wait more than 2 months for delivery. Well worth the wait though. Just like the Honda, looking forward to the reliability & trouble free motoring of a quality Japanese car. When you're on a good thing, stick to it!

Drove just about all the SUV's out there in it's class including the mainstream ones.To me this was the only model that ticked all the boxes - features, turbo petrol for low down torque, comfort, reliability, ownership experience etc. Will be taking it on a longer run in a weekend's time so look forward to the radar cruise control at work & other techno gadgets. 

I find the car very solid & the drive is very reassuring. Not surprising considering the heft of the car. "Cockpit" is a big snug though & I am not a big person. Really like the HUD as you don't have to look down to check your speed. Definitely a great safety & comfort factor & worth having.

Like the sharp looks & angles including the F Sport grille. White looks great but shows up the dirt as we've had some wet weather recently. Not a big deal though. Lots of features to utilize so I am slowly familiarizing myself with them. Not disappointed with the purchase & I guess you get what you pay for. :yes:

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Welcome Charliecheese

Late last year I had a test drive of the NX 200T (actually my wife drove and I was the passenger) She loved the car.

It's a great looking car built to the typically high standard of Lexus...


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