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Anyone has a guide on how to change the Map DVD in the 2011 350F....I've got a V20 dvd, do I just pop it into the dvd player and go in the update menu or is there a hidden reader somewhere(I'm a bit confused on the process after reading the USA stuff and a very old map update thread on this forum)

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You'll need the two long sharp pins from the toolbox in your boot and you need to slide them into where the digital clock is on the nav unit.

There's a separate dvd drive solely for the nav dvd there which you can eject using the menu on the navigation.

Simply put the new dvd in and you're done.

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yeh i saw that, its a bit rich trying to charge $350 just for an (already outdated) map dvd, when you can buy a gps with lifetime maps for around $100. i just end up using google maps on my iphone now days. ill send you a pm too plankton :)

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