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Ive seen a lot of debates around this but everyone seem to have a different answer. 

Does anyone know if I can get a Lexus SMART Card Key (Key size of a creditcard) for my is250 2008? IN AUSTRALIA!



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When I purchased my 2008 IS250X from a dealer I was told it came with the credit card sized smart key however when I went to pick the car up I was told that was a mistake, Apparently there was a model change mid 2008. The later 2008 models came with the card, the earlier 2008's (like mine) did not. The dealer compensated me for their error so I was happy.

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I'm pretty sure the card can work the same way as your key fob immobiliser.

Have the dealership program a new card key for your car and it should work.

Don't quote me because I'm not 100% sure.

I can tell you for sure that repogramming a new key is going to cost alot of money.

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Thanks for the reply guys, I know sewell use to sell these card keys but they are out of business now. Does any one know where I can buy the card key? 

I've lost a Fob key and if it is going to cost me $500 for a replacement I would rather get a card key reprogrammed. 

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