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Hi, I have a 2008 is250 and have received two recall letters in the past month regarding two different recalls:

-One in relation to "the possibility that the fuel pressure sensor to the delivery pipe Could be insufficient due to improper assembly instructions for tightening of the fuel pressure sensor".

-the second recall in relation to a front passenger airbag recall -starts early next year due to supply demands overseas.


My question is, has anyone had the first recall performed, and would you recommend it being carried out?? Someone told me not to do it, don't know why, But I most likely will have the first recall done ASAP/soon when I have time.


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I had the first one done, mine needed the fuel pressure sensor and gasket replaced.

Haven't received the second one about the passenger airbag however.

Now there's a silver sticker in my drivers door jamb with the date of the recall and a serial number on it. I wonder what that sticker is for ...

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16 minutes ago, Atlantis said:

Silver sticker is for the fuel system repairs being done.

Got one on mine when it happened.

Well there you go, fun fact for the day.

Received the letter about the air bag today too, parts becoming available early in the new year as mentioned above.

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