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Melbourne Mid Year Meet - Sat 09-Jul


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Been a while and couple of eager folks - so hopefully we can get a crowd started. 

How about we all meet up and go for a nice drive in this lovely Melbourne winter weather.... 

Date - Sat 9th July.

Location & Route - Meet at rear car parking - Tunstall square - Doncaster East.  Drive to Healsville using scenic route - lunch Innocent bystander 

Car Park location - 162-164 Beverley St, Doncaster East VIC 3109




Meet 1 - Car Parking.png

Meet 2 - Route.png

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1 hour ago, Spec said:

oh, what happened ? 

Nothing bad. Just getting things done, and will take a fair bit of time to do :)

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errm.. this one was for Jul last year. 

Maybe I'll create a new thread for Feb this year - I'll put a few dates and we can vote to see attendance numbers. 

We should have more meets, but each time I put one up not many turned out - I do end up going for drives around regardless. I've discovered a lot of driving/riding routes since getting my motorcycle licence. 

I'll put one on Facebook group as well. 

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