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Drive/Reverse gear change query


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Hey guys,

Got my IS-F not too long ago and still getting used to a few things.

One of my questions being something I've found from shifting from Drive->Reverse and Reverse->Drive; I notice and feel that something changes, like a suspension in the car like it's being lifted up and down slightly and it makes a slight creak? noise.

Is this normal? Anyone else getting this?


Thanks all.

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The side mirrors tilt down as well, but even if I turn that feature off, It still makes the noise and I feel something readjusting in the back... Not sure if it's the suspension or brakes shifting or something, but I definitely hear it and feel it. 

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With the 2013 isf there is a little pygmy that jumps out of the boot when reversing and has a look around for you and them jump back in, what will Lexus think of next.

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