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2016 ES300h

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Ok, so I have bought one of Lexus' least popular cars here in Australia the ES300h. All cars are personal purchases and I knew I was not going to be following the crowd. I suppose my only fear is that they pull it again from the market due to poor sales.

No sure why it doesn't do better but that is life. I have been a long time Lexus owner with the following cars over the years - IS200, RX300 and my favourite SC400. For me once you have the Lexus experience you you tend to keep one in the stable :) 

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hey mate ES300H is a great car

awsome commuter little lacking tha its bigger brother GS but def a good car

for the price you pay cant beat the bang for buck mate

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I have always bought cars for comfort. I have never given a crap about what a car looks like on the outside I only care about me, the driver and all the bells and whistles around ME :) I think the GS is about a car about power and driver feedback. I would never trust myself and I'd be assured of racking up the demerit points. As it is I am an old soul and drive like a grandpa with never having any kind of speeding fine. Two different cars for two different purposes  ;) 

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