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Hi, I'm a new member and I currently drive an RX 400h and I am going to upgrade to an IS 350 F Sport with Enhancement Pack 2 in the near future. I was never able to get a set of OEM rubber floor mats for the RX and had to go with a cheap aftermarket set which I am not happy with. Does anyone know where to buy Lexus brand OEM rubber floor mats. The only ones on eBay seem to be for left hand drive vehicles although I did see them on the UK Lexus website so I know they are available. I do not know why Lexus in Australia do not make them available. The same thing happens for mud flaps which I would also like to purchase. Can anyone give me some advice.


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I'm not really aware of all weather mats being available in Australia but like you said, you may have some luck trying the UK markets.

I believe that there aren't any OEM solutions to mudflaps (could be wrong) but there are some options available from HK.

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I managed to find this for you


Nigel is a clublexus vendor in the U.S. and he's a reputable seller

Mudflaps either have to be custom made or ordered from HK.
Lexus does not make them for the IS.

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