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Hi guys,

I do remember paying for my fuel filter to be replaced back during the 90K service. My car is now due for another replacement, and I searched the interwebs to see what changing the fuel filter involved.

Shockingly, I couldn't find much information, and all I came across were either "you don't need to replace it. ever." to "there IS no filter to replace".

Which begs the questions:

1. Why is it on the service shedule,

2. What the heck did I pay for in my 90k service, and

3. What is getting rid of all the gunk between my fuel pump and my injectors??

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like you said, there is conflicting info out there

most likely the reason why lexus want to change it, even though they dont really need to, is to cover themselves. car manufacturers get sued left right and center for nearly everything nowdays, so rather than leave a potential problem, they either make it a recall or just add it as a part that needs to be changed during a service

unless your having any negative side effects, you could most likely get away with not changing it

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My local diesel mechanic replaced mine, is done through the back seat, was no big deal he said.

Just like the automatic oil etc, a filter is a filter and should be replaced, but hey its your car... 

Thoroughly get your automatic oil flushed to, it is not a lifetime/sealed unit, understood, oils wear out, filters wear out.

My auto oil was black and shot at 150,000 easy hwy kms.. I watched him flush it thoroughly out and let the new red oil circulate through and was shocked at the color, yes the automatic now changes very nicely.




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Thanks for the help, gurus!

Yes, I did follow the schedule to change the automatic fluid (or at least, that's what I paid my mechanic to do specifically… hopefully he did do a proper job).
I bought my fuel filter from someone in Melbourne brand new for $35. I'm guessing he probably stumbled on the same problem and decided to not replace it lol.

Hey, works out for me! Any precaution on changing this filter? I tend to like learning how to do these things myself. Are there special tools required to disconnect the hoses, and do I need to be worried about fuel leaking or at high pressure?

Usually, I'd watch a video first, but as you could probably determine from my original post, I couldn't find such video. :-)

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