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voice recognition fails?


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Hi, so I suckered my MIL to buy a Lexus, and we decided on the CT200h.

Everything was a bit different for her coming from a Volvo, but everything was pretty much okay. 

One thing that was not okay, however, was the voice recognition. She tried for a pretty long time, gave up, and asked me to try it. I did, I tried for a full 10 minutes, and I gave up.


Here's what I tried to do. I tried to use the voice recognition system to dial the names of several contacts in her phone book. Supposedly it should work. Unfortunately, it didn't.

Repeatedly tried the following commands:

I say "Dial Nick" --> Car tries to "Dial 6"

I say "Dial Shaun" --> Car tries to "Dial 41"

I say "Dial Gloria" --> Car tries to "Dial 431"


In some random attempt, it did actually manage to dial Shaun. That was one in around 50 tries. This is actually quite terrible. Is anyone else having the same problem?

My english isn't top notch, but I definitely do not have an ethnic accent!!!

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