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Help Cusco front sway bar for IS350

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Hi All,

Today ordered Cusco front sway bar model: 199 311 A30 for my IS350 2008 (Japanese import) fromNengun. After i placed my order I realized it stated ' compatible with both the Lexus IS350 GSE21, and the IS250 GSE20 ( Late Model 2008/8- - RWD - Front 30mm ) I have asked Nengun, they have not been helpful to answer my question, apart from i will need to pay 30% restocking fee if i want to get it refund. I think my IS350 is made before 2008 August. Does it mean it will not fit my IS350?

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It'll fit.

It's the rear sway bar that you need to be careful of. They come straight which will only suit the American ISX50's due to their shallower spare wheel floor pan. That said, i think cusco's rear sways for our cars will have the dent to accommodate our full sized spare floorpan. It's the F-sport rear sway where you'll need to be careful of.

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You sure about that? Do you have a pre-August 2008 Japanese IS350 Fit Cusco front sway bar?

I just did a quick search and saw one guy re-sell his cusco bar on Ebay because it didn't fit his pre-2009 IS350. Here http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Cusco-Lexus-IS250-IS350-2009-2013-GSE20-GSE21-30mm-Front-Sway-Bar-/201452168276

I really worry and uncertain about it. Should i cancel my order now loss 30% restocking fee before it get shipped or bite the bullet see if it work when it arrive?


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I did a quick search and they have differrnt part numbers with 06-08 being 48811-53040 and 09+ being 48811-53080. I know some people on the forums managed to interchange then though but don't quote me on that.

To be honest I don't know why it shouldn't fit when the design is the same. Perhaps maybe the bushing where it bolts onto the chassis?

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