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coconut2001 does. I've been in his car and I've heard his car quite a few times and it's got ALOT of drone. Not I'm sure the Varex model will reduce the drone significantly but I wasn't comfortable hardwiring stuff into my car, hence the Ark exhaust.

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Thanks for the first hand experience review.

Looks like ARK DT-S is the go, but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Are there any cheaper alternative setups that would work well with the Megan midpipe, with minimum to no drone?

Been seeing Megan + Tsudo v2 thrown around, and sounds pretty decent too.

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Minimum to no drone and fairly affordable, get the greddy exhausts, its very subtle and doesn't drone. For me it was abit too quiet I sold it (sp elite). Paired with the megan or invidia midpipe it sounds good though. There should be sound clips floating around. With the tsudo and other knockoff exhausts, be careful of the fitment/quality.

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