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How much to program a key fob at Lexus


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Sorry mate, wouldnt have a clue on this one.  Not sure where youre based but i had to call Lexus Parramatta once to get a quote on a basic service and almost fell off my chair so i wouldnt be expecting to be pleasantly surprised if you get my drift.

Browsing through the US forums, im sure i recall coming across a similar question and someone stating the dealer wanted $300ish and it took about 30 mins.  As said though, thats in the states so really no idea what a dealer here would charge.

Good luck with it.

Their # is 1300 852 797

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Less a lack of interest & more a lack of an answer to your question.

Are you sure it used to happen when you press twice? I know it works when you hold the lock button for example (closing windows & sunroof).

Best to call Lexus for a price or search the US forums thoroughly first. No idea re Techstream.

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