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Dash Cigarette0lihter not Working


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Hi, I'm totally new here (just signed up). Just bought a 2nd hand late '98 ES300. The dash cigarette-lighter is not working,. but the one in the storage compartment beside  the driver does. I'm not a smoker, but I have several things to plug.


(1) Is this circuit connected to a fuse?

(2) If so, where would the fuse-box be? [there is a fuse-box under the bonnet in the engine compartment, but I believe this is not where it is]

(3)  These fuses are NOT easy to pull out, are they? Would using a pair of pliers damage them? [I know there's a plastic tool for it, in the other fuse-box, but it was hard to get a grip on any of the fuses.   IS there a certain trick to it]. Can ANYBODY help?


Thanks,  Lone

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Hi 2bling,

                    I already checked:  the coin try is to the right (near the door), under the dash. No fuse box there, no fuse box cover. Shall I take a pic & post here?


Thanks again,  Lone


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