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Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day


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Hey, just got an email about a lexus drive day in VIC Springvale, anyone been to these and can comment on whether it's worth it?

My friend has been to the BMW one and he highly recommends it, not sure about the Lexus one though.\

Book Now - Lexus Drive Day


Join us at the Sandown Raceway for the 2016 Lexus Drive Day. At this exclusive Lexus event, Encore Privileges members and their guest are invited to get behind the wheel and experience the full power of top of the range Lexus vehicles, including the Lexus GS F and RC F.

Highlights of this unforgettable day include:
The chance to experience driving Lexus models on­track, with some of the best driving instructors in the country by your side.
Automatic entry into a draw to win a hot lap with Alan Jones, F1 Champion in the LFA.*
A sit down lunch either at the start or end of your session and a chance to mingle with other Lexus owners.

Places are strictly limited, so book today to reserve your place.

Average Duration: Half Day

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I have been to a Lexus drive day at Sandown Raceway back in October 2011.   As it was put on by Lexus it was a great day, and well worth attending.   I got to drive 3 different Lexus model on the day, and also had a hot lap in the LFA, driven by Scott Pruett.  you will enjoy the day.

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I also did the 2011 event at Sandown.


If you have never done a track day, it is fun but don't think it is anything super special. 

It is really about making money by Lexus not giving something back to their customers and hence they are charging for the event. 

TBH it would be cheaper to take your own car to a CAMs come and try day at Sandown or PI and you could get more track time. Yes it is in your car but sometimes that is the point. 

By the way I am still waiting for photos from 2011 event, which is typical Lexus PR all lip service and no real substance. Lol

Is it around $400.00?

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In that case it is not a bad price to thrash someone else's car. However if I remember correctly we were not allowed to drive ISFs. 

You got to drive the celebrity CT cars and IS350s, got driven in the ISF and a ride in the LFA. 

As I understand BMW run M2s and M3 plus at the island. 

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Hello Blacky,   what a small world.   I enjoyed the day.   I wasn’t advised of any photos, but I was given a usb stick with a video of me in the LFA and ISF passenger ride.

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Went to this, was a pretty good day, although a lot of waiting and not enough driving :(

- 3 laps of the Sandown race course in 3 cars, RCF, GSF and NX, so a total of 9 laps, instructed by a professional driver.

- 3 hot-laps with a professional driver in a GSF as a passenger.

- Free food/drinks/snacks

- 5 lucky winners to be driven by Alan Jones (former F1 driver) in an LFA

- Goody bag at the end - framed photo taken on the day, Lexus USB stick, Microfibre cloth, key ring and a cap. 

GSF was by far my favorite car of the day, much preferred it to the RCF, RCF does sound louder under WOT to me though. 

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They must be getting cheap.  on my USB stick I had a video of me in the LFA passenger ride, and also in the ISF.  It was 2011. 

Yes the LFA does make an amazing sound..

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