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RC lowering springs


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OK it's time to liven this place up a little........................

I'm interested in lowering my RC350 F sport, don't want to get too radical, more like 20mm rear and 35mm front

have looked at RSR and Tanabe,

Tanabe seem to offer the drop I'm looking for.as the RC sits higher at the front than the rear.

I'm currently running wider spec rims than standard which has the rear wheels right on the edge of the guard

I am also seeing what Lexus has to offer if anything so I don't have to worry about warranty issues.

Any opinions, experiences would be appreciated.

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As you've surely realised already these forums aren't really the best for newer model cars.

Even the RC section on the CL forums in the US pales in comparison to their 2nd gen IS forums. The 2nd gen IS is simply a more available and popular car (same as forums here)

You're best off going by your own research and biting the bullet.

My 2c is the J5 AVS compatible coilovers (I don't like going spring only) as you can adjust the height of the car and still keep the AVS function of the vehicle.

If research says that the tanabe is what you're looking for then I'd say go with that as Tanabe is a reputable brand.

RSR is a new popular choice as well but in the end it's what you can research and find pictures of that counts.

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Thanks for replying, and yes I do realise that these forums aren't the best for newer models BUT it is a Lexus owners forum

and there has been a few posts by other RC owners.

My question was really to find out what peoples thoughts were with regards to Tanabe vs RSR, I always do my

research but some advice from other users would be a bonus, anyway I have decided to go with RS-R TI2000

the drop and spring rate are exactly what I wanted, once done i'll post some photos.


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