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Lexus LS400 wing mirrors and other issues

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I brought my 1998 LS400 a few months ago, it's the first time I have owned a Lexus and so far I'm pretty impressed with it. I do however have a couple of minor issues with it that I hope that someone can help me with.

1. The wing mirrors have a mind of there own, especially the passenger side mirror. I'm always having to readjust them back to the position that I want them in, I think it is happening after putting the car into reverse as I know that the mirrors change position. The previous owner told me that the passenger side mirror had been knocked out of position sometime in the past and I wonder if that has caused the problem.

2. Very occasionally the Tacho won't move when I first start the car and drive it, would this be due to some sort of magnetic pick up that is faulty?

3.  I still can't figure out how to adjust the drivers seat settings, I don't seem to have any instructions in the owners manual.

4. Is it still worth me taking an older Lexus to a Lexus/Toyota dealer for servicing. I live in New Zealand so if anyone has experience with the main dealers I would be keen to hear about your experiences.

Thanks for any advice given

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