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Hi Folks,


I find myself in familiar territory once again: the door locks on my IS250SL have once again decided to fail.  


And I say "locks" deliberately ... having only recently replaced the drivers door lock, the both locks on the passenger side have now started to fail.  This tedious problem has now completed its second circuit of the car: the dock locks fail in sequence ... starting at the driver, rear driver, rear passenger and front passenger.  I've posted previously about this problem and just put up with the fact that the car needs a new door lock once a year ...


However, with three locks failing in a six month window, I'm convinced that this is not a problem with the locks, but rather with something in the electronics of the car.  


Does anyone on this forum have a recommendation for a solid/reliable auto electrician in Melbourne who would be able to look at this problem...? And although I've had the car regularly serviced by Lexus (and paid Lexus to fix the door locks previously), I find that they are unwilling to do anything more than change the lock (and charge me for it) ... despite the problem starting while the car was in warranty.


Of course, other suggestions are welcome too :)




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Sorry to hear about the lock fail, and I'm also sorry to see 30 views of your thread and not one reply, not even a word or two of encouragement, not that any encouragement can physically fix your car issue can hey, we are a forum after all and its comforting to know that some people give a *BLEEP* about things.

I myself have not had this locking problem, but with more bells n whistles on our cars than a Christmas tree, I'm always holding my breathe for that day that something gives.

I like a good Google research to solve any issue, so I'll start with reading about this locking issue and see what comes up.

Best of luck and I'm sure it will be something very simple at the end of the day, issues generally are.



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Thanks folks ... I'll pop a listing up on Whirlpool and see what recommendations folks there have for auto electricians. 


I'm annoyed at Lexus as they've completely disowned the problem, despite it being there during the warranty period: so much for paying for Lexus service :(  Not at all pleased having paid for the privilege of having them ignore the issue.  Not good enough for a premium brand ... 

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