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Hi all, how are you?

I have had my IS 250X for a while with no problems until 2 months ago without any warnings, my Mark Levinson Systems touch screen has stopped working. Everything seems to be OK with regards to the Audio, DVD, Bluetooth, reversing camera, etc. The only problem is the touch screen is totally non-responsive. If I press any of the buttons either side of the screen it takes me to the relevant screen but touching any of the buttons on the screen results in nothing!

I rang Lexus Melbourne City and they gave me a quote of $750-800 to replace the screen (get few similar quotes elsewhere). That's quite expensive for just a screen so I googled the issue and it seems that it is quite a common problem for Lexus IS. I found this thread on google on how to self-repair it:


And here is the video:



The only thing is I am not very handy, especially when it comes to these kinds of technical stuff and I'm so scared of stuffing it up and damage the whole unit. 

So, if anyone has had the same issue before and successfully repaired it, COULD YOU PLEASE FIX IT FOR ME? I will compensate for your time and effort. Really really appreciate it. (I'm in Melbourne).

Many thanks and regards,

Le Tran.

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Hi Le 

I have exactly same problem. My screen died in the heat couple weeks ago. Did you find anyone in Melbourne willing to repair it for you?   Peter. 

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How'd you go with it?

I had the exact same issue. It suddenly died. Turns out the ribbon cable at the digitizer panel was the culprit. You have to replace the entire touch screen. I remember it set me back around $500.

Let me know if you need the contact, as I'll need to spend some effort to dig up the information. I think for me, the guys were originally in Melbourne (i.e. the supplier and service), but they were able to ship the part and organize someone in Sydney to install it for me.

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18 minutes ago, bazzle said:

$34 in my linky above

Ah but yours don't come with the labour :-) 

For me, I was more or less compelled to spend that much, simply because I needed the supplier to provide the service too  lol. 

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Thanks for the replies guys but after speaking with few mechanical friends & an a few auto elecs I  have decided to just part with the $750 for Melbourne Lexus to get it done. Even then it's just a repair on the digitizer.  Its painful but guess it's the price we pay sometimes for the privilge.  

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YIKES that's steep. Wasn't too far off from what I paid, I guess. 

Lexus in chatswood quoted me $950 for a refurb unit. Won't even quote me on just fixing the faulty digitizer. 

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Hi Guys, 

I would like to chime in on this issue...

My touchscreen recently also died and reading all the tutorials online about replacing the "ribbon" etc I was a bit skeptical. 

I took it to a place in Melbourne, Brunswick specializing in car audio and nav, they replaced the entire touchscreen for $400, Lexus OEM product from Japan. (so I feel sorry for the above guy who paid $750 to Lexus). They also advised me that replacing the "ribbon" would not be a long term fix. 

If you guys need any details about the place I got my screen done, feel free to PM me. 

Hope this helps anyone, 


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Hey guys, I have the 2007 IS250 sport lux edition and I am experiencing this same exact issue - can’t see map, touch screen is irresponsible however the reverse camera works. 

Is there anyone out there in Sydney that can provide this service to replace + supply OEM Product?

I was quoted $950 at Parramatta Lexus, wasn’t sure if labour was apart of the price either

I’ve been to a few mechanics and they all said to just to go Lexus because they can’t fix the screens.



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Hi guys, 


I have the same problem with my IS 250 2008. What I did was, I got a second hand unit from a wrecker which he tested and was working on their car but after I replaced it with mine, still doesn't work. Funny thing is that when I connected a scanner to my car, it said display is not supported on this car!!! 


Does anyone know what could the problem be? 





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Hi All

Does anyone know a place in Perth that can fix the touchscreen problem?

Mine will not allow me to sign in but I can see other screens but cannot touchscreen to use them?

Hope you can help

Cheers Pete 



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I have a similar problem with my Lexis IS250 2006 model. The touchscreen doesn't respond anymore, even though the display is still functioning. 

I am currently in Perth and would like to get it replaced with labour (instead of doing it myself). I don't mind a refurbished unit.

In fact, I don't mind a third party unit that can give me better features too (like an Apple or Android), but I don't think that works because the Lexus Navigation system also controls the air conditioning, phone bluetooth and other bits.

Does someone have a contact in Perth that I can reach out to? Thanks in advance.

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