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Sat Nav failure


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I have been very happy with my 2016 CT200h, which is well built and drives well once you get used to the different characteristics of a hybrid, after driving a turbo diesel for many years. Overall I would not fault the car, but recently had a surprising and disappointing experience, when the Sat Nav failed.  Once the dealer identified the part it took over 4 weeks to replace it.  Apparently this was lucky as the "normal" wait is 6 weeks.  Has anyone else had this issue?

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Thanks - the reason for the time delay was what I could not understand - is it scarcity driven by lack of demand or too much demand.  It appears to be the former based on the response so far.  Although that doesn't explain the 4 week wait.......that may only be explained by the units going back to Pioneer(?) for reconditioning/re-programming?

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well usually for X japan parts it a 7-10 day wait if u buy from the parts dept

but with warranty issues its gota be paper work etc

x japan means parts have to come from japan and usually they dont keep the parts on hand and instead they make it order by order

normal procedure is 4 weeks

the dealer telling you its usually 6 weeks is just making BS to you


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